Below is a list of public performance venues and events.  Please stop by!

Occasionally the booking of a private function will require that I miss a regularly scheduled night.

Steady gigs include -

     * Mondays 6-10 at Perry's Steakhouse

          The bar at Perry's is a good listening situation where I play a mix of styles.

     * Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-10 at Hillstone

          At Hillstone I play a wide variety of pop, standards, jazz.  The ultimate casual restaurant.

          Busy early, quieter late.

     * Wednesdays at Eddie V's Fort Worth

          A trio gig with vocals and a balance of musical styles.

     * Fridays at Nick & Sam's

           At this very busy restaurant, the piano is heard at a few nearby tables.  Mostly Sinatra and


Sunday February 12 my trio will be playing for the Valentines brunch at Blue Ostrich Winery.  

     Located near St. Jo, about 100 miles from downtown Dallas.  A great getaway.

Sundays March 26, April 9and May 28 I'll be at Terilli's on lower Greenville from 6-10.

On Thursday April 20 I will play at Fort Worth's Main Street Festival with a trio on the Sundance

     Square stage from 1:00-2:30.  This is the third year for this, and it's definitely fun.